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    Health is wealth is a famous and old saying for a reason. A healthy lifestyle supersedes all kinds of wealth and success. Unfortunately though, today this thought has taken a back seat. Amidst a hectic lifestyle, unhealthy eating, and sedentary habits health and fitness are compromised.

    An unhealthy pattern of living poses a lot of health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, heart failure, and obesity. And if health is ignored or these ailments are left untreated then they can be life-threatening too.

    Therefore, inculcating yoga in life proves to be extremely beneficial to fight any health issues. Especially, doing yoga for diabetes can not only fight blood sugar but also treat problems like blood pressure, kidney stone, or heart failure.

    How is Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Related?

    What is Diabetes?


    The food that we eat breaks down into glucose and mixes into the blood. However, to maintain the level of sugar or glucose in our blood the pancreas produces insulin to transfer the extra sugar to the cells for energy.

    So, when diabetes strikes the body, the pancreas either stops making insulin or is intolerant to insulin. When the production of insulin stops it is a Type 1 form of diabetes, while if the cells don’t respond to insulin or resist it then it is a Type 2 form of diabetes.

    Diabetes can be caused by obesity, taking a lot of stress, or eating excess sugar in case of type 2 diabetes.

    But doing yoga for diabetes can either maintain the glucose levels in our body or prevent it.

    What is Blood Pressure?

    The arteries are the pathway through which blood flows in our body and when the blood pushes against the body creating pressure it is called Blood pressure.

    A normal BP is considered below 120/80 mm Hg. Anything above this measurement is considered High BP.

    A person with diabetes is at risk of having blood pressure too. Read further to know more.

    How Diabetes affects High Blood Pressure?

    A person who has diabetes is at a huge risk of acquiring blood pressure. And subsequently is at risk of heart disease. The connection between diabetes and high BP lies in the sensors that regulate the glucose level in our body.

    As the blood sugar level goes too low our body releases an adrenaline hormone or catecholamine to raise the glucose levels. And the same hormone is released when Blood Pressure goes down.

    Unfortunately, the adrenaline hormone that is also required to raise glucose levels tightens the blood vessels making it difficult for the heart to pump blood through the arteries. And this is why the blood pressure increases posing the person at risk of High BP.

    A somewhat similar thing happens when the glucose levels go too high and to compensate that the body releases insulin which restricts the function of nitric oxide.

    Nitric Oxide enables the removal of extra blood for the heart to smoothly pump blood when the BP is high. But due to the release of insulin, this function is hindered and hence BP pressure goes up.

    Yoga For Diabetes can also Lower Blood Pressure

    Yoga has many benefits and the results could be life-changing. If an individual incorporates yoga into their life and performs it consistently then various health problems can be prevented. And people already suffering from such diseases can easily bring them under control.

    Doing yoga for diabetes can not only bring diabetes under management but also help a lot with either preventing or lowering blood pressure.

    Benefits of Yoga for Diabetes

    • Enhances Blood Circulation
    • Lowers Blood Pressure
    • Maintains Glucose levels
    • Improves heart ailments
    • Improves digestive system

    Yoga is of great help as it targets the entire body of an individual and improves overall health. Everything depends on the metabolism of a person and when metabolism is perfect the entire functioning of the body works efficiently.

    Here are some Yoga Asanas for diabetes that can also prevent or lower Blood Pressure:

    1. Supported Shoulder Stand

    supported shoulder stand pose

    This Asana not improves blood circulation but also balances the glucose levels in the body. Along with that, it helps in improving digestion which brings the entire body functions in control. The skin texture is also enhanced leading to no acne, pimples, or wrinkles.

    2. Ardha Matsyendrasana

    Ardha Matsyendrasana Pose

    This asana helps in lowering glucose levels in the blood which also lowers blood pressure because there is no war between insulin and nitric oxide. The stretch that the pose provides helps in expanding the pancreas and raises insulin production too.

    3. Dhanurasana(Bow Pose)

    dhanurasana pose

    By practicing this asana hormones and various body organs like kidneys, pancreas, and liver function properly. This way the blood sugar level is also controlled leading to diabetes control. As a result, there are minimal chances of having high blood pressure.

    4. Shavasana(The Corspe Pose)

    shavasana pose

    Stress is the cause of high BP and diabetes. This asana relieves and calms the brain, reducing fatigue and headaches. This way it enables diabetes control. Blood circulation is also managed which makes the pushing of blood against the arteries smooth and brings BP under control.

    5. Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose)

    Baddha Konasana

    It’s a restorative pose that relieves the nervous system and brings the entire body into management. Performing this pose stress levels, glucose levels, and blood pressure is reduced.

    By incorporating yoga into your lifestyle when struggling with diabetes you can reduce the chances of acquiring blood pressure. These common poses can save a person from not only diabetes but also blood pressure.

    Some more poses can bring a definite health difference in the life of a diabetic or a BP patient or both. Poses like Balasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Chkrasana, Plow pose, and Bridge pose can strengthen the metabolism that improves the functioning of the entire body. It helps the body to maintain blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.

    Therefore, doing yoga for diabetes is a must for escaping any damage to the body and risking any heart or kidney diseases.

    How can Haryana Multi-speciality Hospital help you to combat these health issues?

    Haryana Multispeciality hospital is a leading hospital in Sonipat, Haryana.
    If you are looking for expert medical services, homely care, and affordable treatment then Haryana Hospital is the place for you.

    Haryana Multispeciality hospital is a leading hospital in Sonipat, Haryana.

    If you are looking for expert medical services, homely care, and affordable treatment then Haryana Hospital is the place for you.

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