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    M.S (Gen. Surgery), Fellowship in Laparoscopic surgery
    Dr. Manish Kumar

    The best general surgeon in Sonipat combines exceptional skill and experience with a compassionate approach. With expertise in a wide range of surgical procedures, they deliver superior care and ensure optimal outcomes for their patients. Trusted for their precision and dedication, they are the go-to surgeon for various general surgical needs, providing comprehensive treatment and compassionate support throughout the surgical journey.

    Manish Kumar is recognized as the best general surgeon in Sonipat. With extensive experience and expertise, he offers exceptional surgical care. Patients rely on his precise surgical skills and compassionate approach, making him the preferred choice for various general surgical procedures. Driven by a commitment to patient well-being, Manish Kumar provides personalized treatment plans, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. Trust him for top-notch surgical care in Sonipat.

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    Laparoscopic management of

    • Gall Stones
    • Appendix
    • Hernias – Inguinal. Umbilical, Epsigastric, Incisional
    • Intestinal Diseases – Diagnostic, etc.
    • Some Cancers

    Also treating Surgical Diseases of

    • Abdomen
    • Breast
    • Thyroid
    • Kidney
    • Prostate
    • Ureter
    • Piles
    • Fissure
    • Fistula
    • Hydrocele
    • Plate and Cosmetry surgery
    • Head & neck
    • Varicose veins, eysts, lipomas, etc.


    Designation MBBS, M.S (Gen. Surgery), Fellowship in Laparoscopic surgery
    Client Satisfaction 30%
    Medic Success 60%
    Client Referral 90%
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